Team Murray Hill


It is a matter of pride for us that, through training, all Murray Hill staff have mastered all components of excellence of a high quality customer experience.

The charter coach is our vehicle of choice and the quality of our customer service is the driving force behind our success. 



In the usual order:


Renée Bénard: Director, Business Development, Chartered Transportation

Marie-Josée Gauthier: Sales Representative, Chartered Transportation

Jeremy Parker: Dispatcher, Chartered Transportation

Manon Girard: Sales Representative, Chartered Transportation

Valérie Collin: Sales Representative, Chartered Transportation

Chantal Gaudette (absent): Sales Representative, Chartered Transportation

Anny Deom (absent): Dispatcher



Our drivers – experienced experts

They are reliable, competent, devoted and proud to be among the best.  Be they full-time regular staff members or casual drivers, the professionals behind the wheel at Murray Hill have taken advanced training, such as:


  • Pre-departure inspection: Knowing exactly how and what to look for means drivers guarantee a safe trip, every time.   .
  • Driving hours: How to optimize one’s energy?  What laws and regulations regulate driving hours?  Our drivers are very knowledgeable in these areas.  
  • Stop procedures and passenger information: In addition top-notch driving skills, our drivers are true customer service ambassadors.  
  • Defensive driving and Eco-driving: Thanks to this training, our drivers are proactive on the road. They also have all the required tools to attain fuel reduction targets and implement energy saving measures as prescribed by Murray Hill.  
  • On-road evaluations: These tests ensure the driving skills of every driver are optimal. Evaluations take place every 5 years and enable drivers to update their skills and apply best practices to reduce the risk of accidents to a minimum. 
  • Extensive expertise: In major urban areas in Canada and in the United States.



The buddy system: a winning formula

conducteurs Murray Hill


At Murray Hill, all new drivers are paired with a more experienced colleague who acts as a coach and conveys our corporate values.


We believe in knowledge transfer and we value the experience and the loyalty of our professionals.