Murray Hill and the environment


Safeguarding our planet and addressing climate change are everyone’s concern. 

Murray Hill adheres to the principles set out in the Sustainable Development Act, including the implementation of concrete measures.


On a daily basis, our staff is putting in place concrete steps.

Recycling and safe recovery of pollutants are also standard procedure throughout the company and part of a comprehensive sustainable development policy.  In fact, under this policy the selection process of suppliers is based on their adherence to our values.  

We believe that prosperity is possible without adding to the burden of future generations and that today’s growth should not jeopardize generations to come.

In this light, our maintenance shops have been certified Clé Verte.(Green Key label)


At Murray Hill, riding green is a better ride!

By driving at a maximum of 100 km/h, we minimize fuel consumption and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fine particulate matter while ensuring passenger safety!


A policy with a cultural, geographic and human approach

Reducing visual pollution, minimizing noise, controlling emission of air pollutants – at Murray Hill, these are not merely good intentions.


  • Parking: Our drivers always park their vehicle in designated areas, at the back of buildings, or in less prominent locations. 
  • Idle: When the vehicle is parked, drivers must stop their engine and not let it idle for more than 4 minutes.
  • In winter: Idle to be used only to keep inside temperature at 10 ºC minimum.
  • In summer: Air conditioning of a parked coach to be used only to keep inside temperature equal to outside temperature.